Friday, December 31, 2010

Special Offer from Brazilian Blowout Utah

Receive $25 off your blowout in the month of January. Call by January 7th, mention this blog post, book your appointment in the month of January and you will receive $25 off your blowout.

Laura Palmer

Brazilian Blowout Utah WINNER!

The winner is KATRINA MARIE!! Thank you to all who entered. We will be doing many more giveaways, so keep checking back to see how you can enter to win. I apoplogize for not posting the winner sooner, I got a nasty case of the cold and flu mixed with the holidays and I didn't get this posted as soon as I wanted to, I'll do better next time.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Brazilian Blowout Utah Giveaway

We are one week away from announcing the winner of the free Brazilian Blowout! Be sure you click on the facebook link and then hit the "like" button and that will enter you in again! Also, as soon as I have 300 followers of this blog, I am going to give each of them a $35 gift card toward a Brazilian Blowout! So please recommend this blog to your friends so that you can receive the $35 gift card.

Monday, December 6, 2010

How Important are the Maintence Products for the Life of a Brazilian Blowout?

I always have people asking me if the Brazilian Blowout Products are really THAT important. The truth is, they are important. Let me give you a little rundown on them.

The products: (these descriptions are taken right off the BB website)

The Acai Shampoo Anti- Frizz Shampoo-
“An exclusive, sulfate-free cleansing system extends the life of the Brazilian Blowout by maintaining the vital moisture and protein balance needed for optimal smoothness and radiant, frizz-free hair.”

The Acai Anti-Frizz Conditioner-
“A specially formulated conditioner extends the life of the Brazilian Blowout by infusing the hair with vital moisture and essential nutrients while coating the hair
with smoothing proteins that fortify and seal the cuticle. Locks in moisture, locks
out humidity, protects hair color and promotes smooth, radiant, frizz-free hair.”

The Acai Smoothing Serum-
“This unique smoothing formula extends the life of the Brazilian Blowout as it detangles, conditions and seals the cuticle to lock-in moisture and lock- out humidity. The end result is smooth, frizz-free hair with radiant shine..”

Acai Deep Conditioning Masque-
“A creamy, rich, intense conditioning masque drenches the hair once a week by coating each hair strand with exclusive, nutritive proteins to eliminate frizz, promote shine, and guarantee the longest-lasting smoothing result.”

Laura’s Tips-
The serum also acts as a barrier against other products. So if you put it in your hair before you put your styling products in, it will help protect your BB.
If you spent a lot of time in the ocean or in the pool it is a good idea to wet your hair first and then apply the serum to your hair before you jump in the pool or ocean. Salt is death to your blowout and so be sure to protect your blowout with the serum. It is also recommended to have your hair protected before you sweat a lot too.
If you can’t afford purchase all of the products I suggest that you get any sulfate free shampoo (my favorite is Rockaholic by Tigi) and the smoothing serum. It is the most economical way to preserve your blowout.

Friday, December 3, 2010

What is the Deal with the Formaldehyde Controversy?

I feel that I need to address the current controversy with Brazilian Blowout. To make a LONG story short...There was a salon in Oregon that tested the Brazilian Blowout solution and claimed that it had formaldehyde. OSHA got involved, tested it and then supported the claim. However, not long after they recanted their statement and tried to take it back, but at that time the damage had been done....It created fear and doubt in the minds of the consumers and has made all of us hair stylists crazy. There is a law suit now against OSHA. (Click this link for an official statement )

I decided I really needed to do more research myself. This is what I have found so far..

Brazilian Blowout has and still claims that the solution has "no harsh chemicals". Due to their pending patent they never listed their ingredients, until now... The chemical that makes the magic happen is called Methylene Glycol. There have been claims that Methylene Glycol is a form of Formaldehyde.

I am not a scientist but I did find a few and here is what one of them had to say...

"In reality, Methylene Glycol and Formaldehyde are very different, both chemically and physically! Methylene Glycol is a liquid; Formaldehyde is a gas. Even so, Oregon OSHA has recently declared that these are "synonyms", yet these two substances have very different chemical compositions and belong to very different chemical families, the Aldehydes vs. Alcohols*." -Doug Schoon click here for more info

The fear people are having is that it is believed that Formaldehyde can cause cancer. But did you know that Formaldehyde is used as a preservative and stabilizer in cosmetics, vaccines, nail polishes, shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, bubble bath, liquid hand soap, and baby shampoo! (for more on Formaldehyde click here

Like I said before, I'm not a scientist (or a doctor), but I am realistic. And this is what I have to say about it. Lets get real here, everything causes cancer these days (and by saying that I'm not claiming the BB has Formaldehyde or causes cancer). However, Plastic water bottles, cell phones, being over weight, high-fat diets, excess use of anti-biotics, pesticides, leading a sedentary lifestyle, excess alcohol, etc, have all been known to contribute to cancer. So pick your poison. I know that sounds kind of strange to say but as far as I'm concerned I will pass on the plastic water bottles and get a Blowout instead. Now let me be clear about something. Do I think I am offering a service to my clients that could potentially be harmful to them or me? No, I don't, I wouldn't do it if I thought it was going to make people sick. In my mind this product falls in the same category with any other chemical you come in contact with in the salon. Am I willing to bet my life on the safety of the Brazilian Blowout solution? No, but I wouldn't bet my life on the safely of a can of hairspray either. I encourage all of you to click on that first link I listed above and read the official statement from Brazilian Blowout.

To put your minds a little more at ease I want to say this. When applied properly the Brazilian Blowout solution doesn't touch your scalp and there are no fumes. I have taken the official hands on class from Brazilian Blowout and I am confident in my application skills. Also, I have never felt sick, tired, had a cough, or anything else like that after giving or receiving a Brazilian Blowout and there have been days when I have done 8 in a row!

That is all I am going to say about it right now, but I will post more information as I get it. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Another Benefit of the Brazilian Blowout

Not only will the Brazilian Blowout give you beautiful frizz-free smooth hair, but did you know it helps your hair stay humidity resistant? Yes, and it's wonderful! Now I know here in Utah we don't encounter too much humidity...However, if you ever travel to more humid environment or if you're planning a tropical get-away you might consider a Brazilian Blowout. I got one before I went to Hawaii and it was so nice to not have to worry about my hair going crazy every time I came out of the water. I also loved that I didn't have to spend a ton of time doing my hair while I was there.